I’m not sure what kind of editing my material needs. What are the different types of editing?

Check out the Editors’ Association of Canada’s definitions of editorial skills. Some documents require a very sharp focus on one area, while others need multiple levels of attention. Lana usually asks for an excerpt of the material to be edited so she can assess the type(s) of editing it may require based on its target audience and purpose and the media in which it is intended to be published.

How long does editing take?

Different types of editing require different time periods to complete properly. The schedule for a substantive editing project, for example, can elapse over months as author and editor work through major revisions, whereas a copy editing or proofreading project might take as little as a few weeks depending on the length of the document.

Editing effort primarily depends on the length of the work, the complexity of the subject, and the degree of change required. As a rule of thumb, editing productivity rates are as follows (note that a “page” is about 250 words):

  • Substantive editing: 2-4 pages per hour (with little rewriting)
  • Stylistic editing: 3-6 pages per hour
  • Copy editing with few stylistic changes: 5-8 pages per hour
  • Proofreading: 6-10 pages per hour

How much does editing cost?

Lana usually prepares a fixed quote for projects based on the type and extent of edit required. She will not charge more than estimated unless there is a change in scope, in which case she will ask for your approval before spending any extra time.

Contact Lana for a no-obligation quote on your project.

Can I review the edits that are made to my work?

Absolutely. Lana typically edits Word documents on-screen using the track changes and comments features so all edits are clearly visible and reversible. Authors have the right to accept or reject any suggested changes.

Will an editor change my writing voice?

A good editor will not change your voice; she or he will help your voice be more clearly heard by your intended readers.

My English skills are quite good; why should I hire a professional editor?

Professional editors, like Lana, are trained on structure, tone, voice, grammar, punctuation, word usage, and other elements of style, content, and form. Editors are also objective and bring fresh eyes to an author’s work. A neutral editor will see what an author, who is immersed in his or her content, cannot.

What kind of contract or agreement might we use for an editing project?

Lana usually uses the Editors’ Association of Canada’s Standard Freelance Editorial Agreement as the basis for project contracts.

See the Editors’ Association for five more good reasons for hiring a professional editor.